To Remain Free

Welcome to my site and thank you for your interest in my campaign!

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In America today we face many serious issues. I believe the biggest issue we
face is corruption in our governmental system. If our system fails our nation
fails. Our elected and appointed officials no longer represent the best
interests of the people. Our unalienable rights guaranteed to us under the
Constitution are being infringed upon by the very people sworn to uphold our
Constitution. Our founding fathers warned us: “To remain free we must remain
diligent”. We have failed to keep our system in check. Now we are facing the
consequences of passing this responsibility off to career politicians.

I started out as a presidential candidate, then decided running for State Congress was a more realistic ambition. I feel this is where I can do the most good right now. I will be leaving my statements up from my presidential campaign so you can see my views on national issues as well.  I will be adding new statements on more local issues periodically so please, add this site to your RSS feed and stay updated!  If you would like to follow me on Facebook, click here!businesscard_20160614085643

I am running as an independent against candidates from both major parties. Without the financial backing of a major party, my campaign will be limited. I plan to win the “old fashioned” way: hard work and perseverance. I will go out and meet the voters personally. I will also be using social media, so please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and G+!  Please like and follow my official campaign page on Facebook and join the group for my supporters. I encourage you to share my posts, invite and tell others about my pages and website. I also encourage you to print out my information and pass it around or post it in your communities. There will be a section here on the website with printable information coming soon.

We cannot continue to elect the same politicians or others just like them and expect different results. It seems to be a never ending cycle of abuse, bad policy, invasive laws, and oppressive regulations… We need real people in politics if we want real change in Pennsylvania, and our country. America’s founders knew the best government comes from the people themselves. This is why nearly every American is qualified to run for office. There are many intelligent, capable, and worthy Americans to hold these positions, run and win with the support of their fellow Americans. Let’s break this cycle of abuse from our elected officials together! Let’s make history in America and be the generation that restores this country to greatness! Let’s ensure true freedom and liberty filled with opportunity and happiness for our children and future generations! It’s time we show the world the true power of the United States of America comes from the people, not some elite corrupt ruling class! This is our country, we must not let the sacrifices made for our freedom be in vain! Support my campaign and we can work together to truly make a difference in the world! 1465864273670

Voter turn-out is nearly at an all time low.  The reason for this, in my belief, is lack of choice.  I have heard time and time again voters feel they must choose the lesser of two evils. This is not freedom it is tyranny. The two party system chooses their candidates and we are forced to vote for one of their choices.

I ask every American to stand with me in a political revolution! I ask you all  to run for office in your communities, your states, and your nation’s capital. I ask you all to be the change America needs and support your fellow Americans for office. Don’t let our government intimidate us into submission. Stand up for your country and future generations! Stand with me so we can make history in America by reforming our system. Be proud to be an American so our children and their children can have the freedom they deserve. So they too can be proud to be an American in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I invite correspondence. I want to hear from you! I can’t win this election alone. I need the support of you. I want to not only work for you, I want to work with you! So please contact me. If you want to know where I stand on something please feel free to message me.

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