I am a supporter of legalization for medical marijuana.

It has many medical uses for people with cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, and more. Supporters range from the elderly to parents of children suffering from certain diseases. Many people fear it may get abused by people who don’t necessarily have a medical reason for it. If we look at current pharmaceuticals, many people abuse prescription medications. Often times the abuse of prescription drugs lead to addictions, overdoses, and even death. Marijuana in itself does not cause overdose or death without an underlying condition.

Therefore, by making marijuana available for medicinal uses under the care of a physician we reduce the risk of death due to underlying conditions. Also, if we can make medicinal marijuana legal on a national level we can then get funding for research to take the “high” out of many or all of the treatments. Unfortunately, where we stand today many research facilities cannot get loans or funding due to medical cannabis still being illegal under federal law. We live in a free country
although it doesn’t always feel that way. Anyone should have the right to alternative medicine. It is not the governments place to control how a person is treated for an illness.

downloadMany politicians have major campaign contributors from pharmaceutical companies. By legalizing cannabis as a treatment we make it possible for patients to grow their own medicine, saving them thousands of dollars each year, and the opportunity for many Americans to start their own businesses in dispensaries and farms. This will take away much of the dependency on big pharmacy. Not to mention the amount of money saved by patients who are typically on medicine for an extended period. Not only with the availability to obtain the medicine but also by giving patients a natural alternative other than the synthetic and dangerous drugs from the pharmaceutical companies.

How many people have seen the commercials for class action lawsuits due to previously “unknown” side effects of prescription drugs? Don’t you feel we should have a natural alternative if we so choose? To be American we have to respect the freedom of others just as we would like ours to be respected. Even if you don’t agree with something doesn’t give you the right to deny another. We have been programmed by our government to believe we need them to make our decisions of what is best for us. This is simply not true. We are more than capable of making our decisions and we need to start taking back the responsibility of our own lives. This will of course require tolerance and respect from everyone. We must remember that if our unalienable rights are not being violated then we do not have the right to violate another’s due to our own personal opinions. I am also a supporter of industrial hemp. Hemp doesn’t create a “high” if smoked and is a natural renewable resource for thousands of products. Literally, just about anything can be made from hemp. Legalizing this would boost our economy and give more Americans the chance to own businesses, farms, and manufacturing facilities. Imagine the jobs that could be created! Please research all the different products made from hemp. The reason our government doesn’t make this legal is also due to their special interests. It is seriously a great plant that would help save our environment and our economy.